Broken Mug

When my older son was born, my desire to write returned after a ten year hiatus.  The impetus for this renewed interest came one evening at a local independent bookstore called Third Place Books.  On a whim I went to hear a group of women who had published a collection of essays about motherhood.  Sitting in the gathered crowd, I hung on their every word.  These authors were writing and reading about my life.  With their words, I heard my writing voice returning in my head.  The powerful experience of giving birth, of being responsible for another human being — basically of being a mother — sent me searching for something upon which I could anchor my thoughts.  After the reading I immediately went home and searched the web for the site that these women started and from which they had culled the essays for their book.  This is how I found Literary Mama.

As a starting place, I decided to uncover a short story I originally wrote in a Creative Writing workshop in college.  My instructor told me at that time that I should think about publishing it.  I clung to her compliment for ten years — toting my hard copy of the story to and from Japan twice, moving it from apartment to apartment during my twenties.  Now, at night after my son went to sleep I transfered the words from my tattered hard copy into the modern world of my computer.  I made some revisions, submitted the story and received a rejection from Glitter Train.

I put it through a critique in an online workshop I took.   Again, I received positive feedback from the instructor.  I tried submitting it again — this time to Literary Mama.  And, this is how my story, Broken Mug, came to live in the world outside of my computer.

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2 Responses to Broken Mug

  1. And what a lovely story it is! I am so proud of you and proud that you have continued writing. What is the next thing in the works?

  2. Luci says:

    Isn’t that funny how one professor’s words inspired and encouraged you through the years? I had a similar experience with that in college. Way to go! Can’t wait to read the essay.

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