Facebook frenzy

About six months ago, my friend Cathy Jo sent me a request to be her friend on Facebook. I wrote back and said, “We’re already friends. What is this?” She said something about it being another way to stay connected. I ignored the request for a while. And then I received a few more requests to be friends from others I already considered friends. So, I decided to check it out.

That was 200 status updates and 400 wall posts ago. Now I have 196 Facebook friends and I could easily attend a meeting, stand up and say, “My name is Liz. I am addicted to Facebook.” “Welcome, Liz…” You know the drill.

I often update my status with things like, “Liz says it’s tough to get two kids to sleep.” Or, “Liz will lose it if John McCain says ‘my friends’ again.” For me the fun of the status update is reading how people respond and in responding to others’ updates as well. I’m at a time in my life when this type of quick connection is practically all I can manage between a full-time job, raising two kids and connecting with my spouse.

Wondering why others are in the Facebook “club,” I decided to ask via my status update. Many of my 196 friends commented that they enjoy connecting with people, regardless of their physical location – it allows us to keep in touch.

Thanks to this new medium, I’ve reconnected with former high school and even elementary school classmates. Some of this desire to connect is fueled, I believe, by the fact that we are approaching our 20th High School reunion this summer. Reconnecting is on the mind. I have hopes that this Facebook connection will help make the reunion that much more memorable. Maybe we will already have connected on the “What’s new in your world?” level and will be able to get past the superficial chit-chat that can make any reunion fizzle. In the world of the parties I attended in college, Facebook is like the pre-funk before the real party. (Did I mention I’ve found many college classmates as well?)

I keep waiting for my Facebook frenzy to die down, but it hasn’t. I figure I’m in on this social experiment at least until my reunion. Until then consider this my permanent status update: “Liz is squeezing in snipets of time to connect on Facebook. And she likes it.”

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One Response to Facebook frenzy

  1. Okay, okay. After reading this (and others’ accounts of Facebook) plus some interviews with Christina on her new platform development book, I guess I’m not going to be able to hold out much longer. Seems like it’s the newest and way to connect and get your name out.

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