I live in the Pacific Northwest and this holiday season our region has had weather to which its inhabitants are unaccustomed. We’ve had snow — lots of it. And, very cold temperatures.

This weather has brought the pace of life to a standstill. For a week my family and I have been snowbound. We’ve walked to the grocery store and we’ve walked to Starbucks. One lunch hour we walked to the Thai restaurant and waited for twenty minutes until the waitresses arrived for their shift. Normally the wait would have irritated me, but the thrill of eating out and the thought of what it would take to get the (hungry) boys back into their snow suits to walk home kept us from leaving the restaurant

We’ve gone sledding. We’ve spent countless hours in our house. Surprisingly, despite being cooped up for days, our four-year-old son has been a delight. Our younger son who turned one about a month ago is happy watching the snow fall and has used this indoor time to become even more adept at walking. I’ve relished the slower pace and the time the snow has given us to just be…together.

Yesterday was the first day in seven that we dared to drive our car out of the neighborhood. Doing so required putting on chains. It was good to see the world again but I felt a little hesitant about going out. What would it feel like to leave the safety of my snowed in comfort zone?

When the snow melts and we are left with overflowing gutters and errands that just can’t wait, I fear that without the excuse of the snow I’ll feel the need to do it all. Because I can. I like the excuse the snow gives me to slow down.

Tonight I am disappointed by the forecast: the prediction is for rain within two days. But there’s hope — by next Saturday we may have more snow. That wouldn’t bug me at all.

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