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Train ride

I sit on the train today wondering if this time next week, or the week after, or the week after that, I’ll still have a job. If I’ll still be riding on this track that follows the Puget Sound from … Continue reading

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Knight in Shining Armor

My mother-in-law gave my older son a knight costume about a year ago. At the time she said, “It’s huge and may not fit.” She was right – the pants gathered at his ankles and the arms required rolling. But … Continue reading

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Reflecting on doubt

Two years ago I was skeptical. Someone mentioned to me that an African-American Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, was talking about running for President of the United States. I didn’t have issue with his potential candidacy, just as I didn’t … Continue reading

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, came up in conversation with my older son today. I told him how, in this book, there is an elevator that goes through the roof of a building. Being a four-year-old boy who … Continue reading

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Sunday Style: Write Your Writing Goals!

Everywhere I turn, I’m reminded that this is the time of year for drafting goals. My goals for all aspects of my life (family, health, home, writing, etc.) have been on my mind for a few weeks. But here at … Continue reading

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