Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, came up in conversation with my older son today. I told him how, in this book, there is an elevator that goes through the roof of a building. Being a four-year-old boy who is interested in all things that go BOOM, he was very intrigued.

As luck would have it, he and I found a used, hard cover copy of the book at a local bookstore on our “date” this afternoon. We started reading it in the Starbucks near the bookstore.

“That’s not fair!” he cried when he heard that Charlie Bucket only gets one chocolate bar a year, on his birthday. “If I were there, I’d give him more,” he said after a sip of his kid’s milk. He asked me to keep reading and we did. And, we read again before he went to bed. “I WANT CHARLIE TO GET THE TICKET!” he hollered when Willy Wonka’s announcement is made about the five hidden tickets. He could barely contain himself.

I smiled, happy that my son would find out within a few chapters (tomorrow) that Charlie is one of the lucky few. Now my son is in bed, only after getting up to look through his new book a few times. And, it occurs to me that while this one is easy — I know the ending of the book and I know that fairness will triumph in th end and my son will not be disappointed. But, in real life, there will be times when he is disappointed. When things won’t be fair. And, that’s going to be hard. For him and for me.

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1 Response to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  1. Luci says:

    Hey Liz,
    I soooo wanted Charlie to get that ticket when I was a kid too! Reading this brought back some good fun memories.

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