Comfort foods

I’m recovering from my second round of the flu. Maybe it never left, it just gave me a 48 hour rest. I picked up my older son from pre-school and on our way home we stopped at the store. I had to have: Chicken Noodle Soup. (Campbell’s.) Saltine’s. Fresca. These have been my comfort foods when I’m sick since I can’t remember when.

My older son on the other hand, won’t eat soup. That didn’t stop him from requesting a can of the soup that had Dora the Explorer on it when we were in the soup aisle. When I informed him that the contents were soup, he dropped interest. (I wonder if I can convince him of the same at the check out stand where he repeatedly asks, “Can I have…” when he sees the Hershey’s bars, the Starbursts, the Reese’s Pieces.)

Walking out of the store I thought, “How did this Campbell’s Chicken Noodle comfort food start?” I have to ask my mom. At the same time I wonder what my boys will consider their comfort foods thirty years from now. I bet it will be tofu. Seriously.

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