Life in the slow lane?

Recently I was looking at Parent Map, a local parenting publication’s website. While there I took a quick online poll and answered a question about “Which of these lifestyles appeals most to you?” The choices ranged from living in a downtown condo to living off the land to keeping life exactly as it is.

While I am very happy with my life, I chose living off the land in this poll. I chose this because I often think about the pace at which we live — the commute to work, the lines at the grocery store, the malls with racks of clothes we don’t need. In these moments, a more laid back life, living on a farm away from the hustle and bustle, is really appealing.

Once I’d selected my answer in the poll, the overall results populated. Come to find out, I’m not alone in my desire to get in the slow lane – over 60% of the other pollsters had also selected this “return to the land” option.

It may be that once we’d all moved to the farms they would start to resemble the modern city, or it may be that we’d realize that farm life has its own hustle and bustle. Regardless, while I’m still here in the big city, I’m going to make an effort to live in the slow lane a little more often.

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3 Responses to Life in the slow lane?

  1. Luci says:

    That sounds heavenly. Interesting so many chose the land choice. I’ve always pictured myself on a horse ranch in Wyoming somewhere. Kind of like the movie ‘The horse whisperer’ only with nice horsies.

  2. Mmm, yes. Return to the land. Fresh air. Horizon views. I’m with you. Unfortunately, I found out 2 years ago that for me it’s more relaxing in my head. When we lived with my sister-in-law for 6 months, we were only about 15 minutes from a grocery store and I thought I’d go crazy. Sounds pitiful, doesn’t it? But with neighbors spread further apart (I didn’t know any of them well enough to call and ask for provisions) and two young kids to pile in the car if the half-done pancake batter needed an egg, I was happy to move within walking distance of a Safeway. 🙂

  3. Hey Liz,

    Have you ever seen the indie film “Into the Wild”? One of my fav’s for the fact of a simple living off the land lifestyle this kid chose after graduating college! True story.

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