Hidden treasures

hbby_mid_series_r4_c61This morning I took my two sons , a soccer ball, my older son’s bicycle, the stroller and headed to the nearby high school field. When the sun is out here in the Pacific Northwest, one must optimize the moment.

As we walked up to the field, I saw a guy squatting in the middle of the grass, on his hands and knees, digging. I figured maybe he was a grounds keeper getting ready for upcoming use on the field. I felt bad that he had to work on a Saturday. Then, he stood up and I saw it. One of those hand-held metal detectors that people use to find treasures.

My older son saw it, too. “What’s he doing, Mommy?”

Truth be told, I have no idea what people do with those things. I can’t imagine spending my Saturday morning hoping to find a treasure buried in the field. What do they find?

“Looking for treasures, I guess.” I shrugged and immediately worried that my son would run over and start helping him. A treasure is a treasure, afterall. But, he didn’t.

By the time we left, another man dressed in a thermal, olive green, body suit was also on the field with his own metal detector. Maybe these guys know something about our neighborhood high school field that I don’t. Could it really hold that many buried treasures?

For my sons and me, just racing around the track, kicking the ball and falling repeatedly in the wet grass proved to be treasure enough on this sunny Saturday morning.

(Photo courtesy of http://www.garrett.com — home of Garrett Metal Detectors for hobby or security needs.)

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3 Responses to Hidden treasures

  1. Luci says:

    I always see at least one person with those at the beach. Who knows what they find.

    Also, don’t know if you play this but I l tagged you over at my blog, 🙂

  2. Joanna says:

    Thanks for finding my blog, Liz. Now I’m reading yours. Funny, I haven’t seen one of these guys in years, but I remember seeing them all the time when my kids were toddlers and we were at the park during the day. I wonder if they’re gone, or if they’re still there but I’m not.

  3. What a funny thing to have happen. Hm. I know…what DO they find? Glad you all found your own “treasures” hanging out together in the sun.

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