Sources of inspiration

boylargeI attribute my return to writing after a ten-year hiatus to the birth of my sons and to a collection of essays, It’s A Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons, edited by one of the co-founders of Literary Mama, Andrea J. Buchanan. I first read this collection as a new mother of an infant son. These women writers and their words about mothering made me want to write again.

One essay in particular helped bring me back to my words. The essay, Chonan, was by Suzanne Kamata, an American woman living in Japan.

I was initially drawn to Suzanne’s essay because of the title which means eldest son in Japanese. I lived in Japan for three years and am now intrigued by “all things Japanese”. Reading her essay, I could relate to the experiences of a foreigner living within the Japanese culture, and I found a connection in our experiences as mothers of sons. I was inspired.

I immediately searched for more of Suzanne’s work and, happily, I found her blog, Gaijin Mama. I found that the similarities in our experiences continued: like me, Suzanne originally moved to Japan to teach English as part of the JET Program. And, she now lives on the island of Shikoku, where I lived and worked for almost a year. After lurking on her blog for a few weeks, I finally posted a comment and have been a regular subscriber ever since.

Tomorrow, I’m thrilled to host an interview with Suzanne about her latest book, Call Me Okaasan: Adventures in Multicultural Mothering. Please stop by to read the discussion as Suzanne shares her insights about multicultural mothering, editing and writing.

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2 Responses to Sources of inspiration

  1. jesakalong says:

    What a great inspiration! Looking forward to reading your interview with Suzanne. I think I’m also going to have to share the “It’s a Boy” book with my cousin, who has two boys and a blog. 😉

  2. Wow! I’m honored!

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