Sources of Inspiration – Christina Katz

CMK08AwayI think the stars are aligned. Last week I hosted an interview with one of my sources of inspiration, writer and editor, Suzanne Kamata. Yesterday I hosted one of my inspiring writing instructors, Violeta Garcia-Mendoza. And, tomorrow another source of inspiration for me, Christina Katz — the Writer Mama — is going to be a guest blogger at Motherlogue!

About four years ago I was at the computer late one night, surfing, trying to find information about writers who are also mothers. Thanks to Google, I found Christina’s e-zine, Writers on the Rise. In her zine she mentioned the courses she taught by e-mail. One of the new courses intrigued me — Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff. It appealed to me because it seemed do-able (a relatively new mom, I liked the idea of being able to take a class online). Even more important, thinking of the “short stuff” I could write, rather than the great American novel, made my dreams about writing seem within reach. I took the workshop, read her book Writer Mama: How to Raise A Writing Career Along Side Your Kids, and immediately became a fan of Christina’s.

This Writer Mama inspires me in so many ways – her “can do” attitude, the way in which she willingly shares what she’s learned with others and most importantly, how she’s created a successful writing career for herself.

Christina published her second book, Get Known Before the Book Deal, in November 2008. I finished it earlier this spring and I’m gearing up to re-read it. Get Known provides a straight-forward, insightful approach for making ourselves known (building our platform) before we attempt to get a book published. And, just as with Writer Mama, Christina makes it seem like we can all do this if we just set our minds to it. Best of all, she provides the steps to make it happen.

Interested? Intrigued? I hope so. Check in tomorrow for Christina’s post and you’ll walk away having learned something. I guarantee it.

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