Entrepreneurial artist in the house

free_6068563Our older son noticed a sign on the neighbor kids’ compost bin yesterday.

Hand drawn art: 50 cents

We had to read the sign for him and once we did the wheels must have started turning. Today my husband told me over the phone that he and my sons had just returned from a trip to a few neighbors houses where my older son sold his own art for 25 cents a drawing.

Before his quiet time he asked my husband how to write Art Studio. He worked on his sign during quiet time, and of course, on his art. After quiet time he taped the sign to a cement pillar that is next to our driveway. He began to wait. Our house sits at the end of a long loop so it’s not surprising that there weren’t any customers. The location of our house doesn’t lend itself to off-street sales of any kind — be it lemonade stand or a garage sale.

Finally, my son was tired of waiting. He decided he would take his art on the road. Along with my husband and his younger brother, he went to three neighbors’ houses and each of them bought his art. His total sales for the day were 75 cents. He informed my husband that he is ready to sell more tomorrow.

I don’t want to wear out our welcome at our neighbors’ houses; however, I’m also pleased that he is entrepreneurial and even more pleased that he’s confident about his art. If he keeps this confidence and this desire to create, he’ll be just fine.

(Photo courtesy of Dreamstime free downloads)

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1 Response to Entrepreneurial artist in the house

  1. jesakalong says:

    Applause for your son! That’s so awesome that he took his art on the road and sold it door to door. I hope you’ll keep us posted on your entrepreneurial artist and his impressive sales!

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