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Healthy advice on Facebook

The value of Facebook never ceases to amaze me. I’ve reconnected with long lost friends. It’s helped me learn about my upcoming high school reunion. I’ve taken a few of those quizzes for kicks. And, it helps me with my … Continue reading

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Super-Short Summer Serial Challenge

Tolstoy. Dickens. They wrote serial novels (aka novels in installments). Here’s our chance to try our hand at serial novels, flash fiction style. Check out this fun challenge for July 1-31.

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Six Word Saturday

My six words for this Saturday: Thankful for clear eyes and lungs.

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Four Tags, I’m It?

I don’t usually do these tagging things on my blog. But, my writer friend Jesaka tagged me and tonight I feel in need of a little light-hearted writing, something similar to the chain-letter of my youth.  So, here it goes. … Continue reading

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Six Word…Sunday

Glad for recovery, hopeful for future.

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My Sister’s Keeper

About five years ago I stumbled upon a book by Jodi Picoult. Since then I’ve read many of her novels. I always have a few moments of envy when I start one of her books — she’s published more than … Continue reading

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