Twenty Years Ago Today

1173688_high_school_woesTwenty years ago today — or something close — I graduated from high school. And that means that I have a 20th high school reunion coming up this weekend. Unbelievable. I know for a fact that I didn’t even consider myself at this age when I was eighteen. Being thirty-eight was just way too “out there”! But here I am and life is better than I could have anticipated.

As I talk about going to my reunion, I’ve learned that many people dread a reunion (why go in that case?). I’m really looking forward to mine. Many of the people I graduated with were in my first grade class. A large group of us went to school together for grades one through twelve. While we may have different political views, different religious beliefs, different life experiences at this point, we still share memories and moments in those really formative years. That means a lot to me.

I’ll admit that I did get my hair cut (and colored) last Friday in preparation for this event. And, I’ve read a few posts on Facebook from classmates about getting in extra cardio or holding on to the diet until the reunion.

In spite of those superficial concerns, I trust that this gathering will be about much more than gray hairs and a few extra pounds. It’ll be about celebrating what we experienced together so many years ago while also celebrating who we’ve become.

And, in the words of John Lennon and the Beatles, “I’m going to sit back and let the evening go. ” While thinking, “It’s wonderful to be here,
It’s certainly a thrill.”

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2 Responses to Twenty Years Ago Today

  1. Joanna says:

    Have fun! Mine felt like a major time warp. It’s all around pretty trippy and not to be missed.

  2. Sunni says:

    Great post! Mine is two years away – I can’t believe it. But I’m looking forward to it.

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