Send Me A Sign

send_me_a_signAt my reunion a few weeks ago, I mentioned to one of my high school friends, Doug Binder, that I’d like to interview him at Motherlogue. Doug is a sports reporter for The Oregonian and I thought it would be interesting to learn more about what it’s like to write for a newspaper in the “real world”. (He and I were both editors-in-chief of our high school newspaper, so I think it’s great that he went on to work in the field of journalism.) Doug thought it sounded fun.

The next day, at our reunion picnic, he told me that he had a copy of the book he wrote for me. Signed by the author, and all.

“Book!?!?” I asked. He handed me my copy of Send Me A Sign.

One week later I finished it – I found myself thinking of the story when I wasn’t reading and was always anxious to get back to it. Send Me A Sign is the true story of partnership, family and children. Dave Grill’s wife, Teresa, dies at an early age after two battles with cancer. She leaves behind not only Dave but her three children. The story in Send Me A Sign is about how the family recovers from this tragic loss, and about how they find signs in their every day life that Teresa is helping them in their recovery.

As a mother and wife, the story really moved me and I struggled with the horrible realities of a mother (or father) dying before they’ve seen their children grow into adults. It made me think about some of those horrible thoughts – what if this happened to me and my family? At the same time, it was reassuring to read about how a family can keep the memory of a parent alive and also recover.

In an e-mail, Doug said something about his book that helped me see another silver lining in the story.

At it’s heart, Send Me A Sign is about Motherhood – a mother’s love that doesn’t die with her, and an adoptive mother’s learning the ropes on the fly.

To read more about the behind the scenes of Send Me A Sign (the craft of writing it as well as the logistics of gathering the information from the real-life characters), stop by next Wednesday when I’ll be posting my interview with Doug.

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