1142047_happy_elvesThe official definition of kindergarten is: a class or school for children under six years old [from German, literally: children’s garden].

Next week, as I mentioned in my post about what brought me to tears on a fitness machine, my older son begins his study in the children’s garden. I like that image of kindergarten – all sorts of things blooming, dirt in which he can dig, rocks to uncover, slugs and worms to observe.  A time for exploration and growth.

I think kindergarten is going to hold exploration and growth for all of us. My husband will have mornings with just our younger son at home, our younger son will experience time without his brother and I’ve started recalling my own memories of the year I went to kindergarten. We all seem ripe for reflection.

I’m realizing the year I was in kindergarten was a pivotal time for my parents and me. We moved across the United States, with all of our belongings stuffed into a VW Van, to Massachusetts where my dad began studying landscape architecture. For the first time since I was born, my mom returned to the workforce at a local college to earn a living that would support our family. I began my formal education in a  rural community school with a teacher named Mr. Wells. All of us born and raised in the west, we survived our first winter in the extreme cold and snow of the northeastern United States.

My memories from that year are some of the earliest memories I can recall, and they are vivid. I welcome experiencing this year of kindergarten with my son. I’m sure as we explore and grow with him, I will look at my own experience in “the children’s garden” from a new perspective.

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2 Responses to ˈkindəgaːtn

  1. My memories of kindergarten are vivid, too. It makes me realize how wide open everything it to their minds right now. It should be a wonderful year!

  2. Liz says:

    Yes, wide open and taking it all in to recall later. I think it’s going to be a year of discovery for all of us.

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