Sunday Style: Fred Rogers (aka Mr. Rogers)

1159418_key_x_from_vintage_typewriterMy rekindled interest in Mr. Rogers and his work began when my first son was about three years old and we borrowed some DVDs of the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood television show from the library. After watching the first show I found myself in tears, amazed by the grace and love that Mr. Rogers was able to convey through the little black box. I subsequently read a biography about him and was even more impressed by the person Mr. Rogers was throughout his life.

Just when I needed a reminder that among many things, writing is first and foremost a way I am able to express who I am, I received my monthly quote from Family Communications, Inc., the folks that keep the work of Fred Rogers (the creator of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood) alive.

What are some of the ways of showing and telling who you are and how you’re feeling? They may be sports or homemaking or art or music or crafts or science or math or dance or selling or public speaking.

Whatever they may be, and if you know they’re healthy, try to keep embracing them, love them, give them room to grow inside yourself, because those gifts of expression are so unique to you.

Talk about gifts. That man was a gift to all of us. Thanks for the reminder that writing is unique and that we need to allow it room to grow, Mr. Rogers.

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