Sunday Style: Mind maps

1159418_key_x_from_vintage_typewriterThis week I found myself bumbling around when it came to writing. Frankly, I’ve been wondering what to make of the first sentence that “won” the poll a few weeks ago and which I said I’d use to write some flash fiction. Although I came up with the sentence, I’ve been stumped where to take it. Inside my head I have ideas but when I tried to put them onto the paper I found that all those inner critics were coming out. (What are you doing? Well, that’s a crazy idea. Who will think this makes any sense?) You know the drill. I was scratching out every other word. And then I just stopped trying.

Until Friday afternoon on my train ride home. I realized that my self-imposed deadline was only a few days away and I needed to get busy. I dug deep in my toolkit (aka my brain) and remembered the mind map.

It was just what I needed to loosen up. Without the fear of writing an imperfect sentence, I was able to uncover some new ideas of where to go with the story that starts with that first sentence. I have yet to draft anything after that quick, 20-minute, mind mapping session but I know when I sit down on the train tomorrow morning, I’ll be much more ready to write.

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  1. I love tools like this. It’s so helpful for getting us out of a rut. I’m also loving the practical advice lately of Brenda Ueland (“If You Want To Write”). She says to set aside time to noodle around, think of nothing, and then just sit down and write.

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