First sentence continued

1209718_writingA few weeks ago I read about using the technique of drafting several first sentences to free up one’s creative juices. I thought it sounded fun, so I wrote a few sentences and posted them here at Motherlogue for voting. Then I said I’d write some flash fiction using the first sentence that got the most votes. After that post, I wondered what I had been thinking, making these kinds of promises.

Then one of our sweet cats, Bobo, died. I lost interest in writing a story to go with the first sentence. But, I couldn’t just let that sentence linger in blog land forever, so I gave it a shot and wrote a very short story. A vignette to round out the sentence.

This process was a good experience for me because:

  • I really had no idea of the story behind that sentence when I came up with it
  • I dug deep and remembered mind mapping as a tool to get my ideas flowing when I was stumped about where this sentence should go
  • I had to follow through with sharing the story on my blog
  • I let go of having to write something that was perfect and just enjoyed the process
  • I knew that people would read what I’d written and I had to work through my nerves around that fact (this sounds counter-intuitive, but sometimes fiction is more private for me that non-fiction)

I invite you (gulp!) to read on in the next post for the story that goes with this first sentence:

She quickly realized that the only other nudists on the beach were men.

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