Sunday Style: Attending a Conference

1159418_key_x_from_vintage_typewriterThis weekend I attended my first writing conference. It was practically next door, in the town of Edmonds, WA. And, it was fabulous. Totally reasonable cost (about $120 for two days of workshops) and the quality of instructors was outstanding . For the next several Sunday Style posts, I’m going to post highlights from the workshops I attended. But for today, because I’m WIPED out, I’ll share three things that this conference did for me on a personal level :

  • Perspective: I met writers who have a lot more experience than me under their belt, and I met writers with less experience. It was empowering for me to get some outside perspective (the other writers who said, “Wow! You’ve been published?!?” made me realize that I have made progress) and hearing from people who have three or four published books helped me get a future perspective of where I’d like to go (the discussions of what it’s like stick with it, to work with an editor, to go on a book tour, etc.)
  • Passion: This conference renewed my passion for writing. One editor said, “If you feel like you can stop writing, then maybe writing is not for you.” She’s so right, I don’t want to stop writing and in some ways I can’t. This stuff is my passion.
  • Purpose: Both passion and perspective helped renew my purpose. I’m planning to spend some time thinking about what I’m doing in my writing and how I want to go about doing it. What is my focus, exactly?

This conference was at the right time for me. Two years ago or three years ago I might have been overwhelmed or intimidated or…any number of things. As my mom would say, “Everything happens for a reason.” These past two days were chock full of things that happened for a reason. What a gift.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear more about this, Liz. I nominated Motherlogue for a Kreativ Blogger award today 🙂 You’re doing such great work here!

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