A nice surprise

kreativ_blogger_award_copy1This morning I awoke too early, thanks to our younger son. However, one of the first things I found was a nice surprise from my friend Jenni at Write The Journey. She nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger award. Thank you for the honor, Jenni!

One part of the award is to share seven things about me that most people don’t know. I’ve kind of lost track about what people know and don’t know about me in this age of the Internet. You may know at least some of the things on this list. If so, consider yourself an insider.

  1. I’m an only child.
  2. My husband proposed to me in a Chinese restaurant called Seven Stars. It’s no longer in business, but thankfully we are.
  3. I was on the safety patrol in fifth grade. At the end of the year, I won the fancy yellow jacket in a raffle. Although I never wore it after my duties on the patrol were finished, I only got rid of that jacket this year.
  4. I’m currently on day eight of a gratitude challenge.
  5. Prior to being pregnant, I didn’t like Rocky Road ice cream. Now it is one of my favorite flavors.
  6. I did not own a car until I was 24 years old. Fourteen years later, I am still driving that car.
  7. The first story I remember writing was a tale called “Roller and Skate”. It was a tale about…you guessed it: roller skates.

And, now I get to nominate seven wonderful bloggers:

I love keeping up with my friend Sunni at Seattle Sun, and I’m especially happy that she’s back in the blogging game as of recently – she has an honest, straight talk that always leaves me thinking about my own life. Thanks to her, I found out about the gratitude challenge.

I’ve mentioned the AKA Writer blog in previous posts, and had an interview with Jesaka about her freelance career, but it’s worth mentioning this blog again. Jesaka’s discussion of the freelance life, marketing and writing in general always add to my personal writing toolkit.

A new favorite of mine (just recently launched) is Zen Family Habits. This blog has great, easy-to-implement ideas for how to have a meaningful family life.

Check back tomorrow for the final four of this amazing list.

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