Kreativ Blogger Nominations Day 2

kreativ_blogger_award_copy1Welcome back to the second portion of my Kreativ Blogger nominations. Whew. This is a tough gig, choosing only seven blogs to nominate. But, a girl must do her work. Let us continue:

Seeing the world through photos and words combined is one of the reasons I love reading Patti’s blog, Auburn Daze. Check out this post — in just a photo and a few words she opens up such possibility.

At Emerging Author, Julie openly shares the knowledge and experience she has in the writing arena. Inevitably I learn something from each of her posts that I can utilize in my own writing career.

I came to know of Safia Farr’s blog through her essay in Call Me Okaasan.  I love that despite the fact that she is over in the UK (living in a converted cowshed, as she says) there is another writer mama with a similar outlook who also writes about raising her two sons (and in her case, a daughter, too).

Finally, I have to nominate Gaijin Mama. This was the first blog I followed and to this day it remains one of my favorites. What I read reminds me of life in Japan and in the reports about her writing life, I’m inspired by the work that Suzanne Kamata gets done.

Thanks again to Jenni for my nomination and to these other seven bloggers for helping me learn more about my writing and myself through your blogs!

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