Parent-Teacher Conference

1030727_alphabet_on_the_old_style_blackboardIn two days my husband and I will attend our first parent-teacher conference. I have mentioned previously that I am a big fan of our older son’s kindergarten teacher. From the first moment I saw her in the Kindergarten Parents Open House, I knew she was a good egg. I am looking forward to our meeting with her. And, I am wondering what it will be like. What will she tell us about the things she’s noticed about our son’s interactions? His style? His preference for using all caps rather than both upper and lower case letters? His fascination with patterns?

As I wonder what our discussion will look, sound and feel like, I find myself comparing our twenty-minute meeting to the parent-teacher conferences in Japan where a teacher visits the home of every student in their class. I think this may happen all the way through junior high school. I imagine it’s a lot of pressure for families as well as teachers to do this type of visit. I’ll just say I’m glad we don’t have to worry about picking up the toys or baking a homemade treat for our discussion on Friday. I just want to focus on learning how our son is doing socially and academically.

Tonight I looked through the many papers that the school sends home, but couldn’t find the one that had suggested questions to ask the teacher. My husband and I agreed that it couldn’t be too difficult. And, he wisely wrapped up the conversation by saying, “Well, it’s just a meeting so that she can tell us our kid is brilliant, right?”

My point exactly. And no, if you’re wondering, we aren’t at all biased.

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3 Responses to Parent-Teacher Conference

  1. I hope it went well–such a landmark, don’t you think?

  2. Liz says:

    Thanks, Jenni. It went well and you are so right – it is totally a landmark. His teacher said she had tissue there for that reason; thankfully, I made it through without needing to use it!

  3. cj says:

    i loved reading about the teacher/family conference. it was a good reminder for me to be present with my families and to make it as easy for them to hear the truth sandwiched in grace and love. i’m glad to hear it went well. love to all of you– cj

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