Happy Anniversary, Motherlogue!

1163242_cupcakesIn looking at my blog stats, I just realized that October 13 marked one year that I’ve been blogging – happy anniversary. In a year, this blog has helped me get comfortable writing:

With less self-editing
For an audience

    Thanks for reading, everyone!

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    6 Responses to Happy Anniversary, Motherlogue!

    1. Stephanie says:

      Happy anniversary! 🙂

    2. sarah says:

      Yay, Liz!

    3. Sunni says:

      Were there really cupcakes?!

    4. Saffia Farr says:

      Hello and congratulations. On the theme of writing I’ve just listened to a great radio programme about women and writing and quiet space that I thought you might be interested in. There’s a link on my blog



    5. Liz says:

      Thanks, everyone! Sadly, Sunni, there weren’t any cupcakes. Saffia, i’ll check out that radio program!

    6. …happy BIRTH-day dear Motherlogue! Congratulations!

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