Science Night


Last night we attended our first Science Night hosted by the PTA at our older son’s school. It was a fabulous event – a live owl, a snake, turtles, a Caveman who tested your Nature IQ, a Jelly Bean experiment, a robot from the high school’s robotics team, the list goes on. Our older son was excited and eager to make the rounds of the halls with which he is now familiar. I was surprised that he was especially eager to go everywhere that one of his girl classmates went.

Even more surprising was how interested our younger son was in this event. The owl mesmerized him, the task of locating metal treats by using a magnet to sift through popcorn kernels provided endless fun and he was anxious to get a grip on the worms from the compost bin.

Our younger son turns two years old in about three weeks and recently I’ve found myself in amazement at all that he can do at such an early age. He remembers to brush his teeth, he gets his shoes when we’re getting ready to leave the house, he loves to help cook (and will drag over the chair from our table so that he can help at the counter), he throws and kicks balls with amazing accuracy, he has definite opinions…which he is happy to share, often adamantly, he can hurl food across our dining room with a zeal that  I don’t recall from his older brother and he is now combining words when he talks to us: “I do that,” or “I want Daddy,” or “I got you.” And he’s not even two yet!

I find myself wondering if I am Rip Van Winkle and I’ve missed a year or two and he’ll actually be turning three or four on November 11. As a mama who now measures much of my life based on the timeline since he and his older brother arrived in my life, I know that these early years are going to start to move even more quickly. Soon I’ll be wondering where my sons’ teen years went, how they got to be so tall, where their huge hands came from? Seeing both of them race through the Science Night events was yet another reminder to stop and enjoy their small hands, even if they are the same sweet hands that throw tortellini with uncanny precision.

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