Sunday Style: Writing from the Heart

I had high hopes for Writing from the Heart, the sixth session I attended at Writers On The Sound (WOTS). But I was kind of disappointed and even left a few minutes early because I got so antsy. The instructor was recovering from bronchitis and as a result she was clearly off her game. She apologized to us several times; and, while the apologies were thoughtful they somehow made it even more awkward.

Even though this was by far my least favorite session, I still gathered a few good tips and thoughts about keeping a journal which I will share with you here:

  • Make your journal a tool that works for you
  • Let your journal be an extension of you
  • Keep various types of documents in a three-ring binder as your journal (e.g., e-mails or clips from magazines or even drawings that represent or express something you are feeling)

Her vision for keeping a journal was, in many ways, freeing. A journal doesn’t have to be beautiful. Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect. Yes, write in a journal, but also use other creative methods to capture your thoughts on those pages. Sitting in the session I remembered that I have boxes of journals from my growing up years as well as my years in Japan. It’s time for me to haul those journals out and revisit the moments I captured. Who knows what story might be waiting to be written from those pages!

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1 Response to Sunday Style: Writing from the Heart

  1. jan says:

    Nice job Liz. Still gleaned information that you can use. It reminds me to be a little more patient.

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