Author interview this week!

This week I’m happy to host a virtual interview with Wendy Nelson Tokunaga, author of Love In Translation. I read Wendy’s debut novel, Midori by Moonlight, about a year ago and was thrilled to see that she had a new release out in November. Both of her books cover topics near and dear to my heart: Japanese culture, the expatriate experience and cross-cultural romance.

I was really curious about  Love In Translation because it’s told from the perspective of a foreign woman living in Japan, something with which I have personal experience! As I read the book, I had a wonderful sense of being reconnected to my own experiences in Japan — from the visits to a ryokan (Japanese hotel) to eating delicious shu-cream to blunders in communication through a foreign language. I was also reminded of what I learned about myself thanks to the joy and hardship of navigating a culture so different from my own. I reached out to Wendy and requested a virtual interview.She was quick to respond and was happy to answer my questions.

Tune in on Wednesday to read more about the story behind Love In Translation, as well as about Wendy’s experiences writing and publishing her books, earning her MFA and working with her husband to create the theme song for her novel.

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