Guest Post at A.K.A. Writer

Readers of Motherlogue will remember my Q&A with freelance writer, Jesaka Long. I was recently honored when Jesaka asked me to submit a guest post for her blog on the topic of balancing motherhood, full-time work and a passion for writing.

Birthing Balance. A Writer’s Approach

After college I moved to Japan and had amazing experiences meeting new people, learning a new language, discovering a foreign culture, and eating delicious food. I was single. I had money. I had free time. I had a pen and paper. It seemed like a writer’s dream. Only it was a nightmare: this writer stopped writing. The only words I put on paper were in the letters home to my parents.

Ten years later, I was back in the United States but I still wasn’t writing. I figured the writer in me was gone forever. But then my first son, Henry, was born. With his birth, the words came pouring out. In spite of the lack of free time and uninterrupted sleep, I found myself wanting to share these new experiences I was having as a mother. And, I wanted to share them by writing about them.

Read the rest of my post here. Many thanks to Jesaka for the invitation to post on her fabulous blog.

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2 Responses to Guest Post at A.K.A. Writer

  1. Jesaka Long says:

    My thanks to you, Liz, for writing such a thoughtful, inspiring post!

  2. Andrea says:

    Liz–Thanks for the comment on my blog and I’m so glad you could relate to my essay!

    I’m constantly struggling with “balancing” (more like whack-mole-ing) motherhood, full-time out of the home work, writing and my various other interests and hobbies. Thanks for this thoughtful post. I love the idea of “breaking the board”…I’ll have to make myself a board to break (maybe more like a small log cabin).

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