Five words (or six) of advice for writers

Just saw this advice to writers from Gayle Forman. It was her response to a question from a writer-reader at the reading she did in Portland last night. The writer-reader asked, “Five words of advice for writers?”

“The muse visits when you’re writing,” was Gayle’s response, and she acknowledged the sixth word. On her blog she added this, which I took to heart, “My point being, the ideas come to you when you’re actually writing, not when you’re sitting on a beach staring at the sunset. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing that, too.”

Good thing it rains a lot where I live. Less chance of me sitting on a beach. Although one could call Facebook a type of sitting on the beach.

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3 Responses to Five words (or six) of advice for writers

  1. I’m right there with you, Liz. Have been struggling to gain my writing balance for weeks now and have come to the realization: there is no magic solution, there is only the action of sitting and writing, regardless of no ideas, babbling or just shear drivel on
    the page. At least I did it.

  2. Jesaka Long says:

    Guess there’s no denying that Gayle’s statement is true! Perhaps *that* explains why I’m able to write so much when I’m in a writing class and then see dips in my productivity. It’s probably because I’m not writing. 🙂

  3. It’s all about those notebooks of senseless words that Natalie Goldberg swears by. Yes. Just sit down and write.

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