Sunday Style: Commitment

Isn’t it ironic that (after a month-long hiatus from blogging here at Motherlogue) the topic for this week’s Prosperous Writer newsletter was commitment! Well, that’s the perfect time to dig in and figure it out, right?

Christina’s view on commitment rang true for me in that being committed to writing, oddly enough, can actually help reduce my stress about writing. How is that? Well, if I’m committed, I know this isn’t just a phase. It’s going to take blood, sweat and tears (as well as a lot of other good things) to write all these words. With that in mind, I’m not beating myself up because I haven’t published the Great American Novel yet. Nor am I beating myself up because I dropped off my blog for a month. Instead, I can pick up where I left off and I can “just” be happy writing. Part of my commitment includes knowing and trusting that this hard work benefits me in ways that I can’t even see right now.

Similarly, I know that everything isn’t going to be wonderful about the writing life. If I’m not committed, I’m going to whimper and weep with every rejection letter I get. But if I’m committed, I can see those as steps to future success because I’m committed to making it happen.

Finally as Christina said, commitment is willing participation. I am invested in and committed to writing. It’s my choice, and that is part of what makes the whole thing so empowering.

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