Sunday Style: Revisions

I’m taking another 4×4 workshop with Lisa Romeo. This week was the final session and we covered the topic of revisions. In the past, this has not been my favorite part of the writing process. But, with some new perspectives and insight from Lisa, I have a new appreciation for what revisions can offer.

One of the techniques she shared was the complete rewrite. (For someone who has difficulty with revising, this made me whimper at first. But then I saw that it could be great.)  There are times when no amount of re-working brings out what we want in a piece. Revising paragraphs, changing words, flipping the ending and the beginning, we can try it all. But at the core, the essay, chapter, article just isn’t cutting it.

The appeal for me in the rewrite is that I can start with a clean slate. I can lose the stuff I hate. And, I have to give up the stuff that I love, the stuff that might just be holding me back.

So, I’m going to look through my works-in-progress file on my hard drive and give this a go. What’s the worst that can happen? I end up with two pieces that I love? Or, two pieces that I hate.? One of each? Ideas for something new?

As we say in corporate America, it sounds like a win-win to me.

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