One foot in front of the other

Whew, I am overwhelmed by the sadness in the world today. I think as writers we pick up on emotions and that is a gift. But then there are times, like the recent weeks for me, when that “gift” makes it really difficult to witness other people’s pain.

This evening the conductor on my commuter train announced that my stop (usually the first) would be the last for the night. Someone jumped onto the tracks and was killed by the previous train. As he came through our car, I heard the conductor explain to another passenger that the person intentionally jumped in front of the train. Hearing more about the situation made me want to soak up more of the Puget Sound and appreciate every breathe I took on the ride home, while grieving for this stranger who had been in such a deep sadness.

And, I’m still feeling for the grief of Katie Granju, the mother whose eighteen-year-old son, Henry, died last month. I find myself reading her blog regularly, knowing that for her it is a true test to just put one foot in front of the other each day.

Tonight I learned of an online friend whose wife died recently, leaving him as a single father of their very young baby. Last week I heard that a friend from my days in Japan died, leaving behind her husband and their young daughter.

Within this sea of grief, there is an important reminder for me to enjoy every single moment — be they good, bad, sad or glad.

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