NaNo Day 4

Today’s highlights, in brief:

Word count: 4,791(by Sunday, the recommended word count, in order to make 50,000 by 11/30, is somewhere just over 11,000)

Feeling: interested in what the characters are revealing

Helpful strategies: used the NaNoWriMo workbook for high school students to do some character “interviews” and got a few ideas

Off to bed so that I can get back to it tomorrow!

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3 Responses to NaNo Day 4

  1. Andrea says:

    4700+ is great! Would love to hear more about how/when you squeeze in writing time (and what, if anything, you’re giving up!)

  2. Liz says:

    Squeezing is exactly what I do, Andrea! I commute to work by train most days, so I write 30 mins on the way in and 30 minutes on the way home. I also wrote on my lunch hour one day this week. And, I stay up late after my kids have gone to sleep and write. I managed to get up early one day, but that’s just not realistic for me, or wise…I get very crabby by 7 pm. I can tell that having this goal and deadline has helped me prioritize and use my time more effectively. And, quality of the writing is not the primary goal; that’s helping me be easier on myself, too.

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