NaNo Day 5

Still at it. Headlines for today:

Word count: 6,623

Realization: this does help with forcing me to let go and stop editing as I write. This is good practice. In real life, I constantly edit my work and get bogged down. Not editing every sentence, every word, every paragraph is amazingly freeing! I know I will need to edit later, oh yes, I will need to edit. But getting words onto the page in this way helps a lot.

Favorite stalling techniques: re-format my document, search for favorite YA novel in my bedroom closet, find said novel and then consider reading it again…like right now…opt to re-read in December, search on Google for info about said novel and favorite author, Norma Klein, who wrote it, feel inspired by her and her work — therefore get back to writing

Grateful: to have supporters along the way here at Motherlogue — great idea Kim, thanks for suggesting it. And, thanks to everyone for the comments, you’re helping keep me motivated!

Here’s to 11,669 words by Sunday night. For those of you who, like me, aren’t fans of math that would be 5,046 words in the next two days. Gulp.

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One Response to NaNo Day 5

  1. Jesaka says:

    I love hearing about your progress – and can relate to editing while you write. Also, I relate to still having my old YA novels. 🙂

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