NaNo Day #7

Holy cow. I can’t believe I made it to my word count goal for this weekend. In answer to Andrea’s question from a few days ago about squeezing in time to write, this weekend I was blessed with Daylight Savings time and the gift of an “extra” hour.

Word count: 11,753

Research for today’s writing included visits to: MarthaStewart. com as well as Quite the contrast but both are relevant to the plot.

Favorite find thus far during NaNo: I can use my King County Library card to log in at a library and use the computer, free of charge for one hour. Bonus find: While at the library computer kiosk, I can use the music on my phone to tune out the annoying lady next to me who was talking to the computer she was using.

Caution: I’m finding that everything around me is fair game for inclusion in this tale. Today’s example, I considered including a flashback of my protagonist taking a bath as a younger child (inspired by giving my own two sons a bath this evening). Thankfully, the *right* opportunity for this flashback just didn’t present itself. However, if my word count had failed me, I just might have found some way to include it!

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