NaNo Day #8

I have to admit at day eight, I’m kind of attached to these characters. Just as the tips from NaNo headquarters predicted.

Word count: 13,761

This number when I stop and look at it really kind of shocks me. Seriously? 13,761 words? I don’t think I could put this many words together in eight days if I wasn’t trying to reach my goal of finishing NaNoWriMo. I’m beginning to wonder if a novel in a month isn’t the way to go all the time? (Remind me I said this in about 20 days.)

Phone a friend: Today I was thankful to have a friend with a daughter who is around the same age as my protagonist. In the story, someone was giving my protagonist, Natalie, a gift and I thought: EEK! What would a 13-year-old girl want? Thankfully my friend’s daughter came to the rescue. Enter stage left: a charm bracelet. It was the *perfect* gift. As I said to my friend in an e-mail, “It takes a village to write a novel.” Thanks to SV and her mom!

And, it takes two people to keep a relationship thriving. So I am signing off for some time with my sweet, supportive husband.

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One Response to NaNo Day #8

  1. Mom/Gayl says:

    OK, I admit I haven’t checked your blog lately and was I surprised today to see what you’ve taken on – Crazy, a bit but Creativity is rolling out page by page I’m sure!! Congratulations for taking on another writing challenge – you have many of us encouraging your journey – you’ll make it. Love, Mom

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