NaNo Day #10

As an official NaNo participant, I get regular “pep talk” e-mails from the NaNo program manager, Lindsey. She says so well what I’m realizing about Week Two that I’m going to paste it here:

You’ve been carrying around a story for a while now and you finally started writing it. Getting started is hard enough, but then you went on to write for a full week, bringing your story to life and making your noveling dream a reality. You’re well on your way, writer, and you have come so far already! Don’t let your inner editor convince you that this isn’t worth your time, or that you should start over, or—even worse—that you should start over some other time. For this novel there is no “later.” There is only now.

I’ve highlighted everything that resonates with me. It’s strange. The last two days my inner editor has definitely been chomping at the bit, with questions such as: “Really? You think you have time for this in the month of November? Isn’t this kind of selfish? Do you think this is actually any good?”

Amazing and scary to see the subconscious at work. If nothing else, the act of squishing my inner editor is worth the effort of completing NaNoWriMo!

Word count: 17,375 (take that, inner editor!)

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