NaNo Day #11

NaNo Day #11 also happens to be the third birthday of my sweet, baby boy. Happy birthday to him. Much of my day was spent in wonder that it’s been three years since he was born, amazement at how he’s grown and in awe that this sweet human emerged from my body.

Things emerging from my body? This also brings us to NaNo. This novel writing thing is kind of like bringing a child into the world. It’s hard. Some days are better than others. Most days I think I have no idea of what I’m doing.

Today’s pep talk was from John Green, a NYT bestselling author. He was so astute in his remarks. His main point was that it’s easy to quit at the half-way point. Here’s what he said in answer to the question of why he quits at 25,000 words:

I get tired. It’s not fun anymore. The story kind of sucks, and it’s hard to sit down every day and spend several hours eating from a giant bowl of suck. And most of all, like the kid who spends hours preparing plastic armies for war, I enjoy setting things up more than I enjoy the battle itself. To finish something is to be disappointed. By definition, abandoned novels are more promising than completed ones.

Can I get an amen? I am so with him on this. And, at the same time, tonight I knew that I had to sit myself down in this chair and write my words for the day. Even though I feel like the story is floundering, that the characters have become more flat than the pancakes I made for the birthday breakfast this morning, I am going to do my best to keep. plugging. away.

Today’s word count: 19,054

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