NaNo Day #13

Today’s question for my NaNo-writing self: Where is this plot going?

I think I now understand what authors are talking about when they say that characters and events kind of take off on their own and the writer just goes along for the ride. My only hope is that the subconscious is at work. I have no idea how I’m going to reel this in or make things fit. Thankfully I do have a “map” that I’m following, but it’s not detailed. Where things get very interesting is in between my “mile post” markers. I didn’t have any specifics mapped out between 15,000 words and 30,000 words and boy can I tell.

As the pep talk reminded me earlier this week: “The only way out is through.” – Robert Frost.

Word count: 22,541

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One Response to NaNo Day #13

  1. Reading back through your NaNo posts and YOU ROCK. Making your word count goals and posting here? Keep writing and don’t worry about the lack of “mile markers” at the moment. Also, I’m going to carry that Robert Frost quote with me all week.

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