Oh, no, NaNo!

Motherlogue readers may have noted that I’ve hit a bit of a downward slump here at NaNo central. I haven’t written a word in my novel for three days. This is big when I consider I’ve written every other day in November.

Once again, the Pep Talk e-mail, this time from NaNo founder, Chris Baty, resonated with me and gives me some hope:

The best part of NaNoWriMo is overcoming adversity and seizing noveling victory on the final lap…Those of us who are grappling with sluggish stories and dwindling mojo? We’re having the real NaNoWriMo party—the Struggler’s Party! I’ve been hanging out at this low-energy fiesta for the past week, and I’ve been hearing some familiar laments around the punch bowl.

“I think I picked the wrong story.”
“Work ate my word count.”
“Nothing seems to happen in my book.”
“My main character is getting on my nerves.”

Check on all of the above, especially the latter two — nothing is happening and Natalie (main character) is bugging me. He offers these ways to get my mojo back:

1) Incite change.

2) Trust the process. If you’re doubting yourself or your story, just keep moving forward. It will work itself out in the end.

Okay. I’m going to get in the saddle tomorrow and ride off into the sunset, mojo intact.

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