NaNo Day #23

So, NaNo ends in one week. At the beginning of this journey, November 30 seemed a long ways off. And now it’s just seven days away.

Word count: 31,019

What I’ve learned thus far:

  • I still like to write fiction! I started writing fiction in college but since I began writing again a few years ago, I’ve been focused on essays and non-fiction articles. This return to the world of fiction has been a good exercise and a good reminder for me.
  • If I focus, I have more time than I think I do to write. So, in all truth, I would not have believed you if you told me I would write more than 31,000 words in twenty-three days. “That’s crazy talk” would have been my response. But here I am, moving towards word number 31,020.
  • I actually like this book-in-a-month method. Back to one of my original NaNo posts, several years ago I thought a friend who was doing NaNo was nuts, out of her mind, off the deep end. Now I’m a firm believer. The freedom this model provides is just what I need to get me going. It will be interesting to revise in December, but with words on the page rather than somewhere in my head (imagine that!) I think it will be easier.

All this being said, it does feel like the timer is ticking. Seven days and 18,981 words to go.

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2 Responses to NaNo Day #23

  1. Andrea says:

    Wow…that is amazing. I can’t even fathom writing more than three pages of a novel. You’re tempting me to try NaNo next year (though I wish it were in February or some other less hectic month than November…not that I couldn’t have my own private NaNo, but that’s not ever going to happen).

  2. YAY! Drew another one in… It is like belonging to a secret club, isn’t it? Somewhat masochistic, yes, but crazy-fun.

    I’m SO behind. But with 5 days off of work, I’m more determined than ever.
    Go, Liz, go!!

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