My new idol: Mary Poppins

Last night for family movie night we watched Mary Poppins. Of course my own childhood viewing means that I can sing “A Spoonful of sugar” or “Chim Chiminey” with some excitement. However, this viewing of Mary Poppins from the adult perspective left me thinking a lot more about her as a role model for my life as a mama. No, I can’t snap my fingers and clean up a room (darn it!). Nor can I fly using my umbrella, but I can take a little of what Mary Poppins shows us and implement it in how I interact with my kids.

Have Fun: Let’s face it, with her broom and magical suitcase, Mary Poppins provides her young charges with a darn good time and a lot of fun. Even while she’s fun, she’s still firm. And yet, the kids don’t care when she says, “Spit spot, time to go!” In fact they seem to go right along with her directions. Her sense of fun and imagination inspires Jane and Michael. With her help, they’re riding off into the countryside on horses from an imaginary carousel. No, living in a cartoon isn’t reality, but I can help my kids dream and we can all have fun.

Keep Perspective: Mary has perspective about what matters most and she shares it in a good chat/song with Mr. Banks. As she works her magic this father, who can’t see past the end of his nose, or beyond the world of his bank, she reminds him that he needs to enjoy his kids while he can. Before he knows it (and before I know it) children grow up and those opportunities to connect are gone.

Be aware: Mary Poppins reminds Jane and Michael to watch and really see the world around them as they go on a day trip with their father. As they move through the streets, they observe so much more than their father, simply because they are aware. How much do I move past without really seeing every day — both inside and outside of my house?

While I will never be able to carry a tune like Julie Andrews, I hope that I can make some of this fictional tale into a reality between the four walls of our home so that all of us can enjoy a little supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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3 Responses to My new idol: Mary Poppins

  1. Jan Udlock says:

    Excellent post and excellent reminder, Liz. I can still say “super…” backwards. 🙂

  2. You can, Jan?? Julie Andrews really is the best. Just wish I could say, “Spit spot!” the way she does. Thanks for your reflections. Ah, to be just like Mary.

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