What must the librarian think?

What does the librarian think of me, I wonder? I am the mother who at all hours of the night places a wide array of parenting books on hold. My husband is the person in our family who generally picks up the holds from the library, so maybe it’s him they wonder about, leaving the library with stacks of books about how to be a good parent. (Sorry, Sweetie.)

On any given day, you will find a stack of parenting books on my coffee table, nightstand, desk, or in my backpack. Right now, in fact, if you were to walk into my house you would find these titles: Simplicity Parenting, ScreamFree Parenting (book), ScreamFree Parenting (DVD and CD set), No-Cry Potty Training Solution, The Successful Child, No-Cry Discipline Solution, and Siblings Without Rivalry. For those who lost count, that’s a list of seven parenting reference materials which doesn’t even include the books I’ve purchased and which sit on my bookshelf.

One of the editors at Brain, Child wrote a book, Practically Perfect In Every Way ,about her foray into the world of self-help books. Maybe I should consider the same for self-help parenting books? Am I learning anything from these books? Sure. Today I pulled out ScreamFree Parenting after a particularly lame moment of scolding my boys for something. In that moment, reading a chapter about how parents are overwhelmed helped me. (The reassurance that “it’s not just me”goes a long way for this mama.) But I didn’t have time to read much beyond that. And, maybe that reassurance was all I needed in that moment.

With so many books and approaches to parenting out there, I fear I am always looking for *the* answer rather than embracing one approach and making it my own. What I’m working on is trusting my gut and acting on my feelings rather than on what an expert thinks I should be doing.

Now I’m off to find that book by Jennifer Niesslein…maybe she can help me get a grip in this search for perfection.

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4 Responses to What must the librarian think?

  1. Leah says:

    Oh, my goodness! I have stacks of unread parenting books myself. I’d have a lot more time to read them if it weren’t for those meddling kids! I have those screaming moments myself, so, no, it’s not just you. I think as long as the hugs and good times outnumber the screaming episodes, all will be okay in the long run.

    I hope so anyway.

  2. Joanna says:

    I’m just grateful I can put books on hold online and check them out at the self-service counter. But these days I’m often reading parenting books for article ideas so I don’t worry as much what the librarians think (what my kids must think is a another matter…).

  3. Jan Udlock says:

    I laughed at your post. The librarian should write a novel about her job. I get on a whim and check out decorating books…so many that there is a sign/marker at the HOLD section of the library that says – “the rest of your order is below at the bottom of the book shelves.” Oh well.

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