What I Know: There’s Woo Woo in the World

Just because I’m turning forty doesn’t mean I know everything. (But I will in 16 days…just kidding.) But I do feel like I’ve learned a few things. One of those things I’ve learned is that there is “woo woo” in the world. (Mind you, “woo woo” is a very technical term, one I learned from my mom, Gayl. You’ll be hearing from her in tomorrow’s guest post.)

Anyway, woo woo is that stuff that happens that just feels like more than a coincidence. It’s when you meet a kindred spirit (I am thankful to have found several). When you read something you were meant to read — for example, I believe I read Mary Karr’s books *just* when I was meant to read them. When you find the right therapist(s) to help you get over your s*it. When you sit down to chat with someone and realize you are both writers and this one conversation opens up a whole new world. So, you know…there’s woo woo in the world.

Well, in the search for 31 blog topics about turning 40, I just did a Google search: turning 40 blogs. Several links popped up. I clicked on one. It takes me to a page which says this:

I turned 40 on the 25th of May 2010 and I set myself some challenges.

If you’re new here, or if you’ve missed when my birthday is this month, I’ll tell ya. It’s May 25, 2011. What are the chances of that? The woo woo-ness of this moment goes on (how this random post from June 2010 popped up in Google, some similarities between the woman’s life and mine, etc.). But I won’t bore you with the details. Another thing I’ve learned about woo woo is that people can give you the she-is-one-crazy-chick look when you go too deep with woo woo.

Just know this: in my forty years, I’ve learned to appreciate woo woo when I see it.

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15 Responses to What I Know: There’s Woo Woo in the World

  1. Tara says:

    I’m a woo woo believer too. Just too many things have happened. I’ve found that you have to be careful when choosing whom to share your woo woo experiences with, or they start to look at you funny!

  2. Liz says:

    I know….it is a risk, other people thinking I’m nuts. I even thought last night, “Man, now all those Blogathon folks will roll their eyes with this one!” But, trying to stay true to another 40 lesson, I’m not going to {try not to} worry about what others will think.

  3. Tara says:

    Heh, and I’m not as far along on that lesson as I’d thought. Bummer.

  4. Tia Bach says:

    A few things being a mother has taught me… little shocks me, I know less than I thought before having kids, and crazy is relative (there’s a fine line between brilliance and pure insanity). Now I can add “woo woo.” I believed in “woo woo” without having such a great name for it. I can’t wait to tell my daughters. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mom/Gayl says:

    Love that “woo woo” turned up in your blog. I say let the woo woo continue! Thanks for the opportunity to have my post on your blog tomorrow.

  6. Lisa Carter says:

    Yup, woo woo is everywhere when you keep an eye open for it! (And love the term “woo woo”! My partner uses it all the time… though in a slightly more skeptical tone than I use. 😉

  7. Woo-woo. Another way of saying serendipity, which doesn’t sound so woo-woo. 🙂

  8. Oh, and by the way, congrats on turning 40. It’s a good year. And I’m 47. Can’t wait till the big 5-0! Loves me some decades of growing stronger, better, smarter, wiser, and more accepting of myself and others. It happens. 🙂

  9. Marvin says:

    Good post, Liz. I know woo-woo very well. Sometimes, it makes you go wha-wha?!

  10. Billie says:

    My favorite woo-woo is the the one that makes me yell, “Whee!” Great bit of serendipity, finding that 2010 posting! Happy birthday, albeit a bit early!

  11. Julie says:

    “Woo woo”…. love it! Definitely putting that in my vocabulary! Great post!

  12. Alana says:

    By the time you reach 60 (I’m not quite there but it’s close) you won’t even care what other people think or how they look at you. You’ll just say, “Woo Woo Happens!”.

  13. Heather says:

    Woo-woo! My 40th is May 25th as well! Was contemplating 40 and found your site….happy 40 to you!

  14. Liz says:

    Happy 40th to you, Heather! That is definitely woo-woo. Enjoy the years ahead :).

  15. Patti says:

    I love that you use woo-woo. Julie and I have been saying for years (I won’t count back how many). A little bit of woo-woo is good, but then there’s the “way too woo-woo”… I won’t mention any names.

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