Monday Madness from week of May 9

In celebration of the return to the work-week and all the wonder and joy that said work-week holds, Mondays in May are “Monday Madness” here at Motherlogue, when I share re-caps of some of the WordCount 2011 posts I’ve enjoyed reading during the previous week. (No madness on May 30, though, as that is Wordle Day for at Blogathon 2011.)

Anyway, the highlights for me from last week’s Blogathon posts:

Given the emotional debacle between my seven-year-old son and I last night, you wouldn’t think I’d read this post on Emotional Intelligence at the Imperfect Mom blog. But I did read it, and I did find it useful. We’ll keep trying.

Just when I thought I might break down and sob for the entire night, I found this little gem to brighten my day. This post about brushing one’s teeth with Benadryl and walking through airports with toilet paper dragging from those cute mama jeans  was just what I needed. Thanks to Ado at TheMomLog for cracking me up.

And, thanks to Lisa for this post about the words and phrases we use that are related to mental health and aren’t so appropriate (he’s nuts, that’s crazy, you’re insane). It was a good reminder of how my words can impact others. Looking at the title of my post, I’m wondering if madness isn’t really the best choice, either.

Here’s to a new week!

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2 Responses to Monday Madness from week of May 9

  1. Tara says:

    I loved this list! Thanks for the new reading material.

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