Guest Post: Kim Grafwallner

I met my friend Kim in the fourth grade. She was new at our school and one of the first things she asked me was why I had yellow teeth. (I don’t think I have yellow teeth; it was just her way of starting the conversation.) Kim and I shared many summers together, I joined her family at family camp more than once and we look back in amazement at how we could ride one bicycle together, at the same time, and never got hurt. Our lives continue to weave in and out…and we’re always able to pick up where we left off. Kim, thanks for always making me laugh then and now…even on the topic of turning 40.


Here are my thoughts on 40….

40 today is not our mothers’ 40. We have now done a 180 degree turn and are seen in the media as Hot Mamas, fitter, sexier, younger versions of women who are rocking clingy clothes and long hair versus old ladies in rollers and duster night gowns.

We are free to be single and sassy, married with no kids, or married with families without judgment.

40 is the new 30!

On a personal level I can’t believe I am the number 40. But I  am so thrilled I am at the stage of 40 in my life. I love being wiser, more confident, and sure of who I am. It’s great to have collected some fun life experience adventures and misadventures in jobs, love, and travel. I’ve also learned that we are truly the age we act and not the age we are. My idea of what a 40 year old was when I was younger is so vastly different than what I am now, as an actual 40 year old.

I look forward to 50, bring it on babes! [Kim, it’s a family-friendly station, had to delete the word that rhymes with witches. Love you, girl!]

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