Motherlogue Wordle for Blogathon 2011

This is a wordle (also known as a word cloud) for Motherlogue. The larger words in the cloud are those that were used more frequently.Some of my favorites: together, chores, kids, friends, years, day, life, moment, full, awareness. (Okay, maybe all of them are favorites!)

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6 Responses to Motherlogue Wordle for Blogathon 2011

  1. I didn’t even think to pick out a list of my favorite words in my Wordles. Good idea.

  2. Mom/Gayl says:

    Liz, Word Cloud – Wordle (new word for me) – How Cool! Amazing tool to look at and use. Always thinking 🙂 ! Love, Mom

  3. Jan Udlock says:

    You have learned a ton and am so proud of you! You are an amazing mom.

  4. Sunni says:

    I’m glad “tea” made it into the wordle and I’m not surprised that “laundry” did. 🙂 Speaking of laundry, I should get up and do some!

  5. Jenni says:

    Ha! “Laundry” is semi-big! Doesn’t that say it all?

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