Day 31: Crossing the Finish Line or Making Another Lap?

Michelle Rafter, founder and leader extraordinaire of the WordCount Blogathon, describes this month of blogging as a marathon. I couldn’t agree more. (And it’s not because I find that my feet ache and I’m gasping for air.)

Merriam-Webster defines marathon as:
1) a long-distance race, a footrace run on an open course usually of 26 miles 385 yards (42.2 kilometers) or a race other than a footrace marked especially by great length
2) an endurance contest , or something (as an event, activity, or session) characterized by great length or concentrated effort

Thankfully for everyone involved, I haven’t run 26 miles this month. But I have, with the help of my family and friends, endured the challenge (or contest) of posting 31 consecutive blog posts. What began as a simple idea and even a tactic for not having to be creative every single day (aha! guest posts!) turned into a huge gift for my 40th birthday. Each guest post has provided a new nugget of knowledge that allowed me to pause, reflect and even rejoice in what it means to be forty. (Not fourty!)

I’ve learned so much by participating in this concentrated effort:

  • How to use Twitter to keep in touch with other writers
  • How to rely on help from those I trust to accomplish a goal
  • How to appreciate the up-to-now (years 1 – 39) and what is ahead (40+)

The Blogathon has been a wonderful way to celebrate this long-distance race called life. A special thank you to the writers who were willing to share your words of wisdom about turning 40 by submitting a guest post. And, much gratitude to you, Jan, for encouraging me to give the 2011 Blogathon a try!

And to everyone out there in the blogsphere: thanks for joining me around the track. I’m looking forward to the next lap.

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6 Responses to Day 31: Crossing the Finish Line or Making Another Lap?

  1. Jan Udlock says:

    Liz, what a treasure this experience has been for you! I loved #2 – relying on help. That is such a great thing to remember.

    And thank you for sharing this with me. I’m glad we blogged together. 🙂

  2. Congratulations, fellow Blogathoner! I’m afraid I’ll miss it!

  3. Alison Law says:

    Liz, make another lap. I’m going to try to maintain the discipline of blogging every day. Thanks for keeping me going during May. I look forward to staying in touch after this challenge. All the best, Alison

  4. Julie says:

    I’ll miss it too! It was a pleasure taking the lap with you!

  5. Well, I am truly sorry I missed this Blogathon. I signed up for your email subscription, though, so I’ll be sure and not miss the next one. Congratulations on completing it and arriving at the big 4-0.

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