Twitter funny moment

I’m having a bit of blog doubt at the moment…what should I write? Can I write? Is this interesting? You know the drill. I think it’s a natural reaction to the Blogathon. 31 days straight makes me need a break.

But, I was just on Twitter (something I started thanks to the Blogathon) and found that I have a new follower. Someone I don’t know. But whose profile page has a huge photo of Justin Bieber. Yup. She and I have a TON in common. Wonder why she’s following me? And as I type that I feel weird. What does “following me” really mean?

Okay. Too philosophical for a blog post, so I’ll stop. At least I’ve posted!

But I am curious: who do you follow on Twitter and why?

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2 Responses to Twitter funny moment

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I just got a new follower today who has a blog about motorcycles and tattoos! Not my thing, but who knows? Maybe we have something in common! 🙂

  2. Jan Udlock says:

    I think I have 85% ads following me rather than actual people. Ha! I’m off to check your twitter account.

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