Kristin Hannah

The cover photo on the September issue  of Writer’s Digest is of the author Kristin Hannah. (Don’t ask me how I have a September 2011 issue of a magazine, it just arrived in the mail.)

At any rate, I now have a book of hers, Winter Garden, on hold at the library. (Good thing because I only have a stack of 52 books to read!) As I was reading through her website, and yes, having a few envious moments (okay, several envious moments) I found this lovely quote in which Kristin answers the question, “Why do you write?”

Quite simply, I write because it frees something in me. It’s the greatest job in the world. It allows me to be the wife/mother/friend I want to be, with plenty of time for the people I care about, while still giving me something that’s mine, something that defines me as an individual.

That. Says. It. All. Okay, I’m off to write 18 novels now. (Yes, she’s written 18 novels!)

Have you read any books by Kristin? If yes, which ones and what is your favorite? And I’m even more curious about your answer to this question: why do you write?

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6 Responses to Kristin Hannah

  1. tiabach says:

    I love that. I need to pick something up by her. Thanks for the suggestion. Great to “hear” from you!

  2. intralingo says:

    Gosh, that one quote of Kristin’s makes me want to buy the book — and I have no idea what it even is beyond the cover you posted (though that’s lovely, too!). That’s a very hard question to answer, why do you write. I can’t be anywhere near as profound or eloquent as Kristin, but I write (non-fiction, personal, lyric essays) because life is an experience to be shared with more than just the people I interact with; I hope to connect more broadly as I consider and analyze what it is to be human. I think writing allows me to do that. (When anyone ever actually gets a chance to read anything I write, that is…)

  3. Jesaka Long says:

    Kristin Hannah might be the first writer I’ve seen quoted as saying that writing gives her plenty of time for her family and loved ones. Makes me want to know more about her writing style and how she does it. I still find myself making difficult decisions about personal time in order to meet my writing goals. Kristin’s remark certainly made me think.

  4. Liz says:

    Good point, Jesaka! I wonder if part of her comparison comes from her previous career as an attorney?

  5. No, I haven’t read anything of hers. But I’ll look for her now. And I’m with Jesaka. How does authoring 18 novels leave her “plenty of time” for family and friends? She must be uber-productive! I’m intrigued. Thanks for the introduction!

  6. Jesaka Long says:

    Now that I know she used to be a lawyer, that could be the answer. I’ve met so many writers who left practicing law and many of them have found more time with family. But I still don’t know how they do it.

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