What not to do when you go to the library to write

Tonight it’s me and the two teen lovAHs at the table in my favorite, local library. I’m here with the laptop I bought so that I could write away from home. You know, so I  wouldn’t be distracted. Yeah, right. So, what would I suggest one NOT do at the library when you’re supposed to be writing?

Here are my top ten “not-to-dos”, based on this evening’s careful research:

  1. Arrive without ear phones
  2. Allow yourself to access the wi-fi
  3. Plug in the thumb drive with all your files, only to find that none of them transferred successfully and your thumb drive is empty
  4. Peruse Facebook because, afterall, you did figure out how to connect to the wi-fi so you owe it to yourself to try it to make sure it’s really working
  5. Arrive without a to-do list
  6. Sit near the magazines (how did you never hear about Nascar’s dream chase?!?! Thank god for Sports Illustrated)
  7. Check email, over and over and over again
  8. Compare the differences between the music options from your youth (Walkmans with a cassette tape) and the options for youth of today (one iPhone with shared headset for the teen lovAHs)
  9. Avoid writing anything (all was not lost tonight, I drafted this post)
  10. Vow to never try it again

So…I’ll be back next Wednesday, with files and to-do list in hand. This was a good trial run, right?


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4 Responses to What not to do when you go to the library to write

  1. Muze says:

    LOL hilarious.

  2. Liz, this is the most refreshing “top ten” list I have read in a long time. I expected one or more interruptions from one or the other or both of the teen lovAHs would “make the cut.”

  3. Tia Bach says:

    So behind on emails, but glad I popped over for this one. I needed the chuckle! 😉

  4. Tia Bach says:

    And, I meant so far behind on posts, but I’m pretty behind on emails, too.

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